Terms & Conditions


  • Delivery time 8 – 20 weeks depending on wedding type, amount of footage and other factors.
  • If the clients selects songs for the edit the delivery time will start from when we receive the tracks.



  • DreamediaUK owns the copyright of the video and pictures used therefore is allowed to use it for commercial purposes including promotional use.
  • The client may need to purchase copyright of the footage if they don’t wish for DreaMediaUK to use the Captured Media for commercial reasons.



  • Once DreamediaUK has sent the client a link to the video/s or/and pictures, it is the clients responsibility to submit amendment requests within 20 days of receiving the link, if the client does not submit amendments within 20 days of receiving the link/s, the client will be deemed Satisfied with the video and dreammediaUK may delete the raw footage.
  • If the client requests amendments later than 20 days after receiving the link, Dream Media UK may charge a minimum of £50 fee to cover additional editing costs or decline amendment requests
  • If the client may need to cancel an event booking they will lose the deposit paid.
  • Rescheduled weddings will only be accommodated if DreamediaUK has availability for the new date/s.
  • In the case DreamediaUK should need to cancel coverage for an event, or will not be able to cover an event, a full refund for the date/s missed will be granted.
  • Additional hours covered outside of the agreed time will be charged from £100 per hour.
  • DreammediaUK has the right to charge a minimum of £50 fee to cover additional editing costs out side of the agreed time
  • Amendments that require extending edits outside of agreed length may require an additional cost.
  • The Client assumes all responsibilities for obtaining any necessary permission, clearance permits, etc., which may be required for DreaMediaUK to photograph/video each event, public or private.
  • The Client assumes all responsibility for obtaining and retaining permission for access to any requested camera positions and is solely responsible for the quality of the final production resulting from the use of, or inability to use, such camera positions.
  • DreaMediaUK will not be responsible for coverage lost due to access restrictions.



  • DreaMediaUK will be the exclusive wedding videographers and/or photographers.
  • In the case that DreaMediaUK has to work alongside another photographer and or Videographer not hired through DreaMediaUK we will not be responsible for footage lost due them getting in the way or not collaborating.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to secure access to all areas for videography and/or photography.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to inform DreaMediaUK of all timings and locations for the wedding day, if timings are changed it is the client’s responsibility to inform DreaMediaUK of updated timings.
  • DreaMediaUK will not be responsible for coverage lost due to timing changes.
  • All creative aspects such as shooting and editing style are at the discretion of DreaMediaUK, the client acknowledges that they are familiar with the Company’s portfolio and is requesting services with knowledge of the company’s style.
  • Accordingly, client acknowledges that the photos or videos shall not be subject to rejection on the basis of taste or aesthetic criteria as they are familiar with the artistic style of DreaMediaUK.
  • The client has critically viewed samples of DreaMediaUK’s videography and/or photography work (www.dreamediauk.co.uk) and hereby grants full editorial and production control to
  • DreaMediaUK for all aspects of the production and post-production services for the event.
  • In the event a particular segment of the event is either not recorded, partially recorded, or not a part of the edited master tape, it is at the sole discretion of DreaMediaUK as the exclusive producer of the events videography and /or photography.
  • If in an extremely rare case, DreaMediaUK looses a large quantity of footage due to technical issues, accidents and/or theft, the client will receive a partial or full refund; No compensation will be given as this is beyond DreamediaUK’s control.
  • DreaMediaUK will not be held liable for any production problems beyond our control, e.g. Bad weather, accidents, interference from guests etc.